M.M. Genet Guest Blog-Vampire Fangs, Chastity Belts

M.M. Genet Guest Blog- Chastity belts were a joke devised during the Crusades. Several historical accounts have confirmed that men on their way to fight in the east joked about “locking up” their wives and hence their fertility until the men returned home.

Did You Happy Your Valentine’s Day?

No matter what, our happiness resides within us. We make it happen. The first step is identifying what makes you happy. Once you know that, you can focus on what comes next: helping someone else be happy.

Meant to Be…MINE

Lela Bay’s “The Unusual Manners of Mr. Aarons” appears in the Meant to Be…MINE anthology from Meant to Be Press. Heat Level: Innocent Love Notes 1: Meant to Be…MINE Ah love… Love is grand. It’s sometimes painful, blissful, or a feeling that tears us apart. It’s often unexpected or unplanned. When it’s true, it forgives. Some…