Lela Bay Blog Tour

Want to learn more about Ruined Reputations, the Regency romance with two sweet short stories? Start by visiting my announcement post.

Need more? I’ll be traveling through the internet, leaving a trail of blogs with anecdotes and excerpts.

Important dates. I’ll update as links become available.

February 26th – Pre-order for Ruined Reputation opensfrontsmalljpg

March 2ndRuined Reputations available for free on Kindle Unlimited or for purchase in ebook and print.

March 2st –  Meant to Be Press hosts release announcement

March 5th –  Guest Blog: Meet the Hero of The Unusual Manners of Mr. Aarons on Emmy Z. Madrigal. Contains an excerpt of the first time readers meet the hero Mr. Aarons. All does not go as planned.

March 6th – Every Savage Can Dance includes my blog post A Proper Stranger about how Pride & Prejudice inspired the story Virtue’s Temptation. Every Savage Can Dance reviews Ruined Reputations and gives the coveted *5 DARCYS*. Perhaps win a free copy of Ruined Reputations by leaving a comment!

March 7th – Guest Blog: Meet the Hero of Virtue’s Temptation on Emzbox.

March 9th – Friday’s First Kiss blog on Sherry Ewing‘s site. Includes an excerpt of the first kiss in Virtue’s Temptation. Mwah!

March 11th –  Guest Blog: A Perfect Soundtrack on Sweet Dreams Novel. All about romantic songs to write to. Le’ sigh

March 13th – A blog on my Lela Bay Blog.

March 16thMeant to Be Press hosts my blog.

March 19thRose Fairbanks hosts a guest blog.

March 22nd – Guest blog on M.M. Genet.


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  1. Lela Bay says:

    Reblogged this on Meant to Be Press and commented:

    Learn more about Lela Bay’s new book by following her around the web. The guest blog on Every Savage Can Dance includes the chance to win a free copy of the Ruined Reputations ebook just by commenting. Check it out!


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