Guest Post: A Perfect Soundtrack by Lela Bay

I was fortunate enough to guest blog on the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance site to discuss music, mood and writing.

Sweet Dreams

Guest Blog: A Perfect Soundtrack by Lela Bay

Before I begin writing, I often create a playlist with the mood of the book. Unlike many authors, I don’t mind lyrics. I know I’ve been in the writing zone when I pause and suddenly reawaken of the music and singing that’s been playing all along.

Movie musicals know what they’re doing. They start with a powerful opening number. Just consider the release of La La Land, where an entire Los Angeles freeway becomes a thumping, mardi gras party for those stuck in traffic. It’s an easy daydream to have:

More recently, The Greatest Showman grabbed hold of the audience with its pulse-pounding opening number. The multi-talented Hugh Jackman owns the stage with his presence, and the tempo builds with the marvelous stomping effects.

However, even in non-musicals the soundtrack plays an integral role setting the tone of the movie. If you…

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