Doing the Special-Night-Out Thing

Meant to Be Press

I read articles that insist women should keep the love alive with regular, special nights out. Talk shows and magazine covers blare: Don’t lose date night, insist on it every month! Schedule a babysitter so you get that Girl’s Night Out! Don’t forget to pamper yourself with a spa day!!

Okay, I get it. We need to love our romantic partners, friends, and ourselves, but adding more repeating appointments and mechanical obligations isn’t the answer. I try to do these things, but when they make sense. It isn’t difficult to remember I need a night out when I tie it to my interests. Garden shows, tea shops, and movie trailers all remind me to get out there with the people I enjoy.

Game-Night-New-film-posterFor example, the recently released Game Night, with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams had great reviews. I grabbed my husband, who knew nothing about the movie–and that…

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