A Romantic Series of Connections

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A Romantic Series of Connections: How romance authors continue their series’

by Lela Bay

Sometimes I feel like a side-character in the story of the world. I’m frequently not the center of attention, and prefer it that way. As Nick.Kendrick.Photo.hearta writer, I find it fun to speculate on the lives of those around me, but rather than investigate, I’m more likely to pick up a book where I can watch my subjects with a clear conscience.

Romance is about connections, and I enjoy books where more is involved than the bringing together of two people. Draw me a time period, a world, a family group and set of manners and I’ll gladly go anywhere with you. An author who can do that is a prize.

Avid romance readers know what a treasure it is to find an author you enjoy. It’s a pleasure to anticipate the next book—even better if…

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