Tease from Lela Bay’s Mud & Mistletoe

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Clarissa is used to the privilege that comes with power. As the daughter of nobility, she is bored to attend the ball of a family friend at her country estate, but the whole county turns out to see her and her illustrious sister. Clarissa and her sister wait…

Wonder Woman: A hero for all the right reasons

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Reactions to the new Wonder Woman (2017) have run the gamut from positive to enthusiastic. Everyone seems to love finally seeing this DC superhero reach the big screen. It’s hard to tell whether folks are more surprised at seeing a big-budget woman-fronted movie succeed, or a good DC…

A Romantic Series of Connections

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A Romantic Series of Connections: How romance authors continue their series’ by Lela Bay Sometimes I feel like a side-character in the story of the world. I’m frequently not the center of attention, and prefer it that way. As a writer, I find it fun to speculate on…

Blog guest- Lela Bay with Giveaway

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I’m excited to host new to me author, Lela Bay. Ms. Bay writes Regency Romance and many other genres and shares insights between her work and Pride and Prejudice. Regency Subtext First, I’d like to thank Rose Fairbanks for allowing me to guest blog. Although I write in…

Book Review: The Art of Running in Heels

The Art of Running in Heels by Rachel Gibson My rating: 4 of 5 stars I’ll start off by saying I didn’t read all the other books in this series. Although I could tell there were returning characters with implied back story, it didn’t diminish my enjoyment. The fictional Seattle Chinook NHL team makes a…

Doing the Special-Night-Out Thing

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I read articles that insist women should keep the love alive with regular, special nights out. Talk shows and magazine covers blare: Don’t lose date night, insist on it every month! Schedule a babysitter so you get that Girl’s Night Out! Don’t forget to pamper yourself with a…

Romance Is Necessary in the Winter

It turns out that people were more willing to pay to see a romance during chilly winter months than other times of the year. Even taking into account other factors, the colder the winter the more people sought the comfort of romantic connections.

Guest Post: A Perfect Soundtrack by Lela Bay

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Guest Blog: A Perfect Soundtrack by Lela Bay Before I begin writing, I often create a playlist with the mood of the book. Unlike many authors, I don’t mind lyrics. I know I’ve been in the writing zone when I pause and suddenly reawaken of the music and singing that’s been…

First Kiss Friday with guest Lela Bay

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Hello Gentle Readers! Welcome to another First Kiss Friday. Today I have a new to me author named Lela Bay. We hope you enjoy her excerpt. Take it away, Lela! Thank you for having me, Sherry! It was fun to look back through my book for the first kiss. Since…

Classical Inspiration in Regency

What might have happened if someone, perhaps even a stranger, had stopped Lydia? Wasn’t there some good-Samaritan or sensible woman around to halt her youthful indiscretion before it became more?